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Our Instructors Dorm is dedicated in memory of our Co-Founder Jay Swallow, as “The Roaming Buffalo Lodge.” 

This building will be used during our boot camps for the Instruc­tors to stay in, and will also be used for out of town travelers for brief overnight stays.  We are happy to announce that this addition is 40% complete.  We still need to have electrical work done including meters. The building also will need to have a new roof, trusses and siding which can be very costly.  We have asked for donations of $5,000 per room that will provide carpeting and furnishings for each room.

 We anticipate having this project complete by the end of 2015, and ready to use in 2016. 

Online donations can be made by selecting the “donate” button on this page.

To make a donation by mail: P.O. Box 97, Bixby, OK  74008. 

To make a donation by credit card please call the office at: 918-366-6735 ext. 4 and ask for Kami Rush. With all donations please be sure to comment that it is to be used for the “Roaming Buffalo Lodge.”  All donations are tax deductible and we are a 501c3 organization.  

Blessings to all of you, and thank you for helping us honor our Apostle Dr. Swallow!


"And Peter answered Him and said, "Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water," So, He (Jesus) said ,"Come."

Matthew 14:28-29 NKJV

Two Rivers Native American Training Center has been moving in a progressive direction during the past fourteen years. We are taking steps to fulfill the vision God has given us. We are gaining unique skills and valuable wisdom with understanding in how to obey God in what He has given us to do. God has truly done abundantly more than we could ask, think or imagine. However we know that this is just the beginning! Where two rivers meet have always been sacred places of covenant to our native people. Two Rivers Native American Training Center is a place where the Plains tribes(Brother Jay Swallow) and the Woodland tribes (Brother Negiel Bigpond) come together. It is a sacred place all the more because two rivers of people have joined to bring the healing waters of salvation and God's Word to the Nations. We are asking you to test the waters and become a part of what God is doing at Two Rivers by helping us financially in any amount. Materials, furnishings, and supplies are needed to complete the instructor's quarters and continue the building projects to fulfill the vision God has given us.

Test the Waters and see what God will do for you by committing to become a partner with Two Rivers Native American Training Center for one year.

Covenant Partners receive:
Partnership certificate
Beaded Necklace for Heart of a Warrior partners

Also included in our Partnership program are:
Silver Partners -who have donated $25 per month for one year, a total of $300.
Gold Partners - who have donated $50 per month for one year, a total of $600.
Diamond Partners - who have donated $100 per month for one year, a total of $1200.
Heart of the Warrior - who have donated $200 per month for one year, a total of $2400.

Partnership Plan Donation Form

Zip Code:
Phone Number:  
  Testing the waters $_____ per month  
   Silver Partners $25 per month  
   Gold Partners $50 per month  
   Platinum Partners $100 per month  
  Heart of the Warrior $200 per month   
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